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The Tuberculosis

of India is a Voluntary Organization. Its aims
and objectives are:

- The prevention
- Control
- Treatment &
- Relief of tuberculosis.

Indian Journal Of Tuberculosis

The Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, published in India since 1953 onwards, is devoted to the speciality of tuberculosis and lung diseases. This Journal is the official organ of the Tuberculosis Association of India, a non-governmental organization

  • It publishes scientific articles contributed by authors from all over the world, specially India. 
  • Subjects covered include clinical, epidemiological, public health and social aspects of tuberculosis. 
  • It also includes interesting case reports on patients suffering from pulmonary, extra-pulmonary tuberculosis as well as other respiratory diseases and abstracts of interesting articles published in other reputed journals.  .
  • The articles published are a key source of information on research in tuberculosis in Asia and in particular for the countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region.
  • India is an acknowledged leader in tuberculosis research, and other developing countries too look towards India to provide answers.

The best article published in the journal carries with it an annual award presented at the Annual National Conference. The Guidelines for Contributors and the list of reviewers are published in the July and October issues every year respectively.


The Board includes national and international experts in their respective fields. National experts include individuals from the top academic and research institutions from India as well as from the government and non-governmental organizations. The Editorial Board consists of:


  • S.P. Agarwal
  • Jagdish Prasad

Executive Editor

  • V.K. Arora


  • D. Behera
  • Lalit Kant
  • Rohit Sarin

Joint Editors

  • G.R. Khatri
  • Prahlad Kumar

Associate Editors

  • S.K. Sharma
  • Ashok Kumar
  • Ashok Shah
  • J.C. Suri
  • K.K. Chopra

Assistant Editor

  • M.M. Puri


  • Agarwal, Nishi
  • Banavaliker, J.N.
  • Bedi, R.S.
  • Chadha, V.K.
  • Gupta, K.B.
  • Hanif, M.
  • Harinath, B.C.
  • Jain Rajiv K.
  • Katoch, V.M.
  • Narang, P.
  • Paramasivan, C.N.
  • Prasad, Rajendra
  • Radhakrishna, S.
  • Rai, S.P.
  • Raghunath, D.
  • Vijayan, V.K.


  • From October 2003, each issue of the Journal carries a quarterly report on the progress made in India by the Directly Observed Treatment - Short Course (DOTS) - based Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme.
  • This is a World Health Organisation (WHO) backed tuberculosis control programme, which was initiated to contain the disease when the WHO declared it as a “global emergency” in 1993.
  • The countries in the South East Asian region are keenly observing the success of this programme in India.


  • The Journal has a growing circulation of more than 1500 subscribers, which includes all those with a keen interest in tuberculosis.
  • It goes out to the libraries of medical colleges in India, SAARC and other South East Asian countries.
  • The readership profile also includes members of the WHO, International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (IUATLD), as well as all the State and District Tuberculosis Officers in India.


The Journal is exchanged with many national and international journals such as:

  • The Indian Journal of Medical Research,
  • The Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences,
  • The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases,
  • Kekkaku, Chinese Medical Journal,
  • Indian Institute of Science, etc.


  • The journal is indexed with MEDLINE of National Library of Medicine, USA.
  • It is also indexed with the Indian MEDLARS Centre known as IndMED  (http://indmed.nic.in/)  which is available since 1986.
  • The full text version of the articles is available since year 2000 in medIND (http://medind.nic.in/) and LRS website(www.lrsitbrd.nic.in) from 1953.

Since the availability of the Journal on the Internet, its visibility has increased and articles published in the Journal are frequently cited. This has also translated into more articles from Asia being received.  


 1  Annual Subscription

Inland :
Rs.800/- (plus Rs.50/- in case of Outstation  cheques),
inclusive of postage  Single copy Rs.200/- 

SAARC countries  -   US $ 30*
South East Asian & Eastern countries   -   US $ 35*
For other Countries - US $ 40*
(*Please add US $ 10 as bank  collection charges)

 2  Agency discount

No discount of any kind in subscription is payable

 3  Volume No., Frequency & number of issues 59 for the year 2012, quarterly , 4
(January, April, July & October)
 4  Mode of payment Demand drafts & cheques in favour of

Tuberculosis Association of India

 5 Contact person for subscription
& claims with complete postal
address, telephone numbers, telefax & E-mail

The Secretary General,
Tuberculosis Association of India,
3, Red Cross Road, New Delhi-110 001.
Tel.Nos.23711303&23715217 Telefax: 23711303
E-mail: tbassnindia@yahoo.co.in

 6  Back volume prices Subject to availability at the current rates
 7  Claim policy for missing issues                       Within three months from the month of publication / issue
of the journal
 8  Subscription term policy followed

(i) We enrol subscribers from volume to volume only. Every new volume commences with January issue
(II) Upon receipt of payment

 8  ISSN No.



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   Casual [ Rs. ]  Annual  Contract  per Issue [ Rs. ]
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 Full page in (Colour/Buff paper)          3,000.00          3,000.00        
 Full page (Black & White)  1,600.00  1,500.00

Please contact for subscription, Advertisement and claims:

The Secretary General
Tuberculosis Association of India,
3, Red Cross Road,
New Delhi-110 001
Tel.No.  011- 23715217
Telefax: 011- 23711303
E-mail: tbassnindia@yahoo.co.in


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