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The Story of TB Seal

A kindly postman named Einer Holboell, while sorting out heavy Christmas mail in 1903, noticed some children limping across the road. He was extremely moved by the sight of these children who were suffering from tuberculosis of the bone. A thought struck him. If we could get people to buy a special Christmas Seal while the spirit of giving is strong during Christmas, it would be wonderful. There are so many letters and packages, and just a penny seal on each one would bring a lot of money to help the sick and needy children. There might even be enough to start a hospital for children. The idea of Einer Holboell was received enthusiastically by the Danish people. The King of Denmark gave his approval. This was how the first Christmas Seal appear in 1904 with the Patronage of King Christian. The sale of Christmas Seals for collecting funds for anti-tuberculosis work was soon taken up by other countries and today almost all National TB Associations are collecting large sums of money through this Campaign.

74th tb seal campaign