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FAQ's About TB

Nobody in my family has ever suffered from tuberculosis. How can I have this disease?

Tuberculosis is not a family disease. It comes from a germ. TB patients throw this germ in the air while coughing, sneezing or pitting. Any normal person can inhale these germs and then develop disease.

Is this disease curable?

Yes. However the patient has to take regular and full course of treatment, as advised by the doctor.

Is it an infectious disease?

Yes. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease. That is why a TB patient should cover his mouth with a piece of cloth while coughing or sneezing, so as to avoid spread of disease to others. When a patient starts treatment, then after about 2 months he become non-infectious.

Should we keep ourselves away from a TB patient?

We should not discriminate with TB patients. Rather patient should be advised to take certain precaution to avoid spread of disease, he should cover his mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, proper sputum disposable and take regular treatment.

Does a TB patient need special diet?

Patient should take normal balanced diet. He should take seasonal vegetables and pulses etc. Special diet is not necessary.

Can a TB patient smoke?

Smoking can aggravate his symptoms. Therefore, a patient should not smoke.

Can a TB patient drink alcohol?

Alcohol can increase the chances of side effects of drugs. Some TB drugs cause nausea, vomiting or jaundice in some cases. If TB patient takes alcohol also, there are more chances of developing these side-effects.

Can a cured patient develop disease again?

Usually not, because the drugs available now a days gives almost 100% cure, provided patients takes regular and full course of treatment.

Is treatment for TB is free?

Yes, it is free in all Government run and aided TB Clinics and Institutions.

It is a hereditary disease?

TB is an infectious disease, it is not hereditary. Because the household contacts are at an increased risk, so people have a wrong idea that it is a hereditary disease.

Is fish or meat beneficial for a TB patient?

A TB patient does not require any special diet. Regular medicines and normal balanced diet is the key to cure of TB.

Can TB patients take medicines for other disease also?

Yes. Sometimes dose of some drugs has to be adjusted like drugs for diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease etc. Therefore, always consult the treating doctor.

Can pregnant patient take TB drugs?

Yes. Presently used TB drugs are safe in pregnancy.

Can a TB patient breast-feed her infant?

Yes, but the mother should cover her mouth with handkerchief at the time of breast-feed.

Will I have to live separate from my husband/wife?

No need. One has to observe proper cough hygiene.

Should other members of the family get their check up done?

Only if they have cough for more than three weeks they should get their sputum examination dose. Otherwise, children below 5 years should get their skin test for TB done and get drug to prevent disease, if advised by doctor.

Can the person get fatty after taking TB drugs?

No. It may happen sometimes because patient usually takes good diet and rest during the illness.

Can dust and dirty surroundings cause TB?

Not directly, but they decrease the resistance of body so there are more chances to get disease.

How can one know that one is suffering from TB?

If a person is having cough more than three weeks, he may be suffering from TB. By doing examination of sputum the doctor can diagnose TB.

How to dispose off sputum?

Collect sputum in a closed container, mix it with water. Boil for 15 minutes and drain it in flowing water.

Will the TB drugs cause some side effects?

Usually not. Sometimes one suffers from nausea, vomiting etc. which can be easily tackled by treating doctor.

For how long a TB patient spreads the disease?

With modern available drugs, germs in sputum die in 2 to 4 weeks and then patient is not able to spread disease.

Is it necessary to hospitalize a TB patient?

Usually not. Except if patient is seriously ill.

What are the population groups at high risk of getting tuberculosis?

Following groups with respiratory symptoms are at an increased risk of tuberculosis, persons who have been in close contact with a TB patient, patients suffering from malnutrition, silicosis, diabetes, alcoholics and drug addicts.

Why you are giving different number of drugs to different patients?

Because treatment depends on type and extent of disease.

Does TB affect common persons like me?

TB spares no one. Rich and poor, all get tuberculosis.

Is it necessary to take injections?

Not always. All fresh cases of TB needed only capsule and tablets to swallow injections are required only if one develops disease second time or with resistant organisms.