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Blog on World TB Day

To mark the World Tuberculosis Day, the New Delhi TB Centre on 22nd March, 2024  organized health awareness talk on Tuberculosis.  The event was facilitated by Dr. Sanjay Rajpal, Director, NDTB Centre, Dr. Ashwani Khanna, Chairman, NDTB Centre, Dr. K.K. Chopra, Consultant, NDTB Centre, , Mr. Vikram Malhotra, Secretary General, TAI, Dr. Shanker Matta and Mrs. Shadab Khan. 

They led interaction with mare than  50 TB patients who come for treatment at the Centre on TB prevention, symptoms, and treatment, emphasing early detection and proper care.  The session highlighted the critical role of education and community support in the fight against TB.

Patient experts shared their personal experiences, offering valuable   insights and encouragement to those battling the disease.  The interaction fostered a supportive environment, helping to reduce stigma and increase awareness.